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Help Shape the Future: Provide Rising High School Seniors Internship Experience

The Education for Tomorrow Alliance Student Internship Program is intended to provide rising 12th grade students with real life experience in their desired fields. Each company will provide a job description for students to review and then use to base their preferences upon. They will then be matched and instructed to reach out to the company to schedule, interview, and work out the specific details and expectations.

Employers get to choose the two week period between June 3 and July 26, or if they are open, they can work out the dates with the student directly once a match has been made. This internship is intended for students to spend two consecutive weeks/80 hours (8-hour days M-F) in their internships. These internships are typically unpaid, however the employer can choose to pay if it so wishes. 

Students, or more likely parents, can be asked to sign confidentiality agreements and/or liability waivers. If your company has mandatory orientations or background checks, that is okay and the Education for Tomorrow Alliance will ensure students meet all the necessary requirements.

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